Train Wreck

The people at Younglife is fond of playing Train Wreck. This group game is sure to bring in lots of laugh and fun to your gathering.



The only thing you’ll need in this game are chairs. The number of chairs should be enough to cover the number of players. Then, divide the players into two team and line up the chairs opposite of each other equally. The players can then sit. There should be a leader for each team who will be in-charge of removing a chair each round.


At the GO signal, the members of each team should run at each other and find a vacant chair at the opposite side where the other team was sitting. As soon as the players of each team leaves their seats, the respective leaders should also remove one chair immediately.


At the end of the game, there should be two winners, one player for each team!


Note: Make sure that the players don’t get too rough on each other as they meet in the middle of the room and scramble for their seats.