Team Exercise for Family Ministry


Alright I’ve got some field work for you and a sweet tool to use to help you dig up what’s below the surface in the way you are equipped to help families. It’s a one page worksheet for your team to get them thinking and moving toward help and hope for your students and their families. Here’s why…



One of the resources that we sometimes fail to think about is the home itself. Amidst all of our programming, dreaming, thinking, and pursuing the one constant that are students have in their life is the family.


Even though the family may be broken, together, or in pain at every corner, the more we partner with the family to get to the root problems the better the lives of our students will be. One of the resources that I’ve encountered in seventeen years of pursuing and loving students is the Orange Conference.


This week I’m putting together along with our games and usual good stuff some resources specifically for the family that you can utilize. I will also be talking about the Orange Conference as a resource you can experience to help you in reaching the family.


So without further delay take a look at the worksheet you can use to help your team lock in on what is really affecting families in your community and whether or not you’re even positioned to help.


I adapted this survey from an experience I had through the Leadership Network.