One of the hit games you can do with your group is Star Busted. The star of this game is the starburst fruit chews. The fruit chews to be used here should be individually wrapped, which is usually available at the local grocery store.



Make sure to buy enough starburst fruit chews, enough that each student will have one fruit chew. Give each student one fruit chew with the instruction not to eat it. When done, they may then unwrap it and place it on their tongue.


To start the game, there should be a leader who will call out a series of starburst colors for the group of students to form. For example, 1 pink, 2 red, 1 yellow, 2 orange.


As the colors are called out, the students should form a group consisting of the exact sequence. They should face each other in a circular form with their tongues sticking out. Several groups can be formed as long as the sequence pattern is followed. If a student didn’t make it to the group, he is eliminated; thus, he can chew on his starburst. Keep calling out combos until one student remains.