Online Gambling while traveling to New Zealand

casino in new zealand

There are quite a few things I like to do in my spare time, but travelling the world is easily at the very top of that list. A couple of weeks ago I got a really good deal to go visit New Zealand and considering it’s been on my to-go list for a while and the work schedule wasn’t cluttered, I decided to go for it.

Now, wherever I go, there are certain places I try to visit and these always include one or two local casinos. Gambling is one of my hobbies and although I keep my bets small and stick to a very strict budget, I like to see what casinos are like in different countries.

I was situated near Wellington and I could only find one casino nearby. I went there on Thursday evening and it was okay with some slots (or pokies as they call them here) and a few blackjack and roulette tables, but they didn’t really have any games I liked so I left after about an hour, 50 NZD lighter.

CasinoReviews NZ Gambling Site

When I got back to my hotel room after stopping by for a nice meal and a few drinks, I was still in the mood for some gambling, especially since I still had about 250 NZD in my budget that I didn’t spend. Since the local casino didn’t leave much of an impression on me, I started looking for an online alternative. Google being Google, it listed a number of local pages, one of them being

It turned out this page had a bunch of casino reviews and recommendations for the best bonuses you can get so I spent about half an hour going through it. Since I was on the vacation after all and had no pressing matters in the morning, I could afford to go to bed late and not worry about having to get up with the sun.

Rizk Online Casino

Eventually, I ended up going with Rizk Casino. The name sounded familiar and the review on the site was great so it definitely seemed like a good one to try. Plus, they had a bunch of games, including my all-time favorite, Jack and the Beanstalk.

I deposited NZD 100 and got a nice 100% bonus, bringing my total to 200, which was more than enough for some fun with good old Jack and the pesky giant. I also noticed that the review on the site was spot on as Rizk had the looks and the feel of a really serious but entertaining online casino, bringing together the best of both worlds (in my humble opinion, at least).

I wish I could say the story ends up with me winning big and cashing out but it wasn’t meant to be this time around. The bankroll went up and down for almost three hours with a few decent bonuses in between, but I never hit my cashout mark (doubling my bankroll would probably do the trick).

However, I did have a lot of fun and I think I discovered my new favorite casino because they also offer plenty of entertaining stuff like the Wheel of Rizk where you can get free spins, bonuses, and there is even a jackpot of sorts.

I realize this may not be your average travelling blog, but I like to travel my way, and this isn’t to say that I spent all my time in New Zealand locked up in my hotel room. But, it was all a part of the experience.