5 Amazing Animal Posters

Whether you are an avid animal lover, or you just love a versatile nature of portrait photography; animal portraits can bring a whole new style to your home décor. The reason is, animals are a natural beauty. It does not matter if they are real, or in picture form, they simply evoke something in all […]

Printable Christmas Ornaments

For non-profits, it’s quite normal if money is tight every once a while. But this shouldn’t be a reason why you can’t prep for the holiday season or why you’re foregoing putting up that Christmas tree. There are so many alternatives to store bought decorations that look just as pretty and creative as the ones […]

Family Scavenger Hunt

  For the past few days we’ve been resourcing you with thoughts, ideas, and encouragement in creating energy for serving the families in your group or student ministry. It’s part of a conversation I wanted to have with you about the Orange Conference. I hope you’ve enjoyed the worksheets that help families think about communication […]