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Lance Scarbrough submitted this great Mixer BFF. Here is his submission straight from his keyboard. How well do you know your BFF (Best Friend Forever)? This game will be played like the old television game show The Newlywed Game. Choose a few BFFs to come to the front to answer questions about each other. Have […]


Lance Scarbrough of Cumberland students submitted this game: Two vs One. I like his train of thinking on this game twist. Here are the instructions straight from Lance’s keyboard. Enjoy. Players: 3 One student who is confident, can beat anyone, anytime. Two students to compete against the confident student. For this game, you’ll need a […]


There’s more than likely a large junk of you out there that have played Jenga with a blindfold. Undoubtedly, there’s even a larger chunk that have played without it. Either way, this would make for a great upfront volunteer game. I would play this game with large block Jenga. To play recruit a handful of […]


Hands down is a great game for small groups or large groups. Students gather in a circle laying down on the ground or on their hands and knees. Everyone will place their right hand in between the hands of the person to his/her right. If you done this correctly, everyone’s hands will be woven and […]