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Train Wreck

Posted on January 9, 2011  in Group Games

The people at Younglife is fond of playing Train Wreck. This group game is sure to bring in lots of laugh and fun to your gathering.



The only thing you’ll need in this game are chairs. The number of chairs should be enough to cover the number of players. Then, divide the players into two team and line up the chairs opposite of each other equally. The players can then sit. There should be a leader for each team who will be in-charge of removing a chair each round.


At the GO signal, the members of each team should run at each other and find a vacant chair at the opposite side where the other team was sitting. As soon as the players of each team leaves their seats, the respective leaders should also remove one chair immediately.


At the end of the game, there should be two winners, one player for each team!


Note: Make sure that the players don’t get too rough on each other as they meet in the middle of the room and scramble for their seats.


Category: Group Games

Turkey Bowling

Posted on November 20, 2010  in Group Games

Thank you so much Sarah Andrews! Sarah leads Zion Lutheran Youth Group in Farmington, New Mexico. We love, love, love to see youth leaders sharing. I take your ideas or favorites and create a graphic for it that you can use in programming, link to your site if you like, and spread the Stash to our community. 


Sarah wrote this in her submission…



Turkey bowling


We did this in college once, and I also led it last year with my youth group. It’s good for around the holidays.


You will need: one frozen turkey (smaller is probably better) per lane, one set of bowling pins per lane (kiddie pins are fine), enough tarps or plastic drop clothes to cover the floor (unless you do this outside) plus duct tape to keep it down, plastic or latex gloves for participants, grocery bags to cover the feet of all participants (if playing indoors so that participants can remove bags to step off of the covered area cleanly, i.e. potty breaks), and a couple cans of Crisco lard.


Volunteers are needed to keep score (provide score sheets) and set the pins up after each frame.


Set up: Cover the floor for enough space for bowling lane(s) and a standing/sitting area behind so participants can keep the Crisco mess on the tarp/drop clothes. Set up your lanes and pins. Rub Crisco over the lanes (participants can help) and some on the frozen turkeys. Warn participants that the floor will be slippery.


Play! Bowl as usual, but using the turkeys!


Clean up means throwing away all the gloves, plastic drop clothes, and grocery bags, then cleaning off the bowling pins and tarps, probably with Dawn or something that will clean the greasiness well.


We joined this activity last year with a thanksgiving meal and a devotion about blessings. This game is also fun because it sort of equalizes things since no one is good at bowling with a turkey. It also encourages appropriate tough as participants help each other balance on the slippery surface.


Enjoy everyone!


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Posted on July 14, 2010  in Group Games

One of the hit games you can do with your group is Star Busted. The star of this game is the starburst fruit chews. The fruit chews to be used here should be individually wrapped, which is usually available at the local grocery store.



Make sure to buy enough starburst fruit chews, enough that each student will have one fruit chew. Give each student one fruit chew with the instruction not to eat it. When done, they may then unwrap it and place it on their tongue.


To start the game, there should be a leader who will call out a series of starburst colors for the group of students to form. For example, 1 pink, 2 red, 1 yellow, 2 orange.


As the colors are called out, the students should form a group consisting of the exact sequence. They should face each other in a circular form with their tongues sticking out. Several groups can be formed as long as the sequence pattern is followed. If a student didn’t make it to the group, he is eliminated; thus, he can chew on his starburst. Keep calling out combos until one student remains.