This is six teaching series to fill 24 weeks of your calendar year plus additional digital swag sent to your inbox to utilize and unpack. The cost for the subscription is $60.00 per year billed monthly at $5.00 so you can cancel at anytime paying only for what you received.

The teaching style comes from a need to recognize that students deserve to be loved, encouraged, and given the truth about life and the life God has for us. Content will always be written to connect with the “furthest out” student. The points will be presented in compelling ways with truth, that regardless of spiritual background or experience, can be absorbed as completely sensible and viable for not just the kid who has gone to church all their life but for the kid who also just walked into a church for the first time in your doors. I’ve led conversations for ministries where 80% of the students who came were coming on their own without mom and dad struggling with hurt, brokenness, and wanting to know who God might be. This content is for youth leaders trying to make a go at reaching out to lost students and believing students with real struggles.

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