Lance Scarbrough submitted this great Mixer BFF. Here is his submission straight from his keyboard.

How well do you know your BFF (Best Friend Forever)? This game will be played like the old television game show The Newlywed Game. Choose a few BFFs to come to the front to answer questions about each other. Have one person from each friendship leave the room. Ask the remaining students questions about their friends who are waiting outside. Once everyone has heard their answers, bring their friend back in and ask those who were outside the same questions. If they answer similar to their partner, they get a match and points should be rewarded. Ask about five questions at a time, then switch roles and play again. It may help to have the contestants write their answers down so everyone remembers. Don’t forget to find the theme song to The Newlywed Game and play it during the game. (It’s available on iTunes.) It will add some excitement to the experience.

Here’s a few sample questions:
• What is your BFF’s favorite color?
• What was your BFF’s favorite vacation?
• What color are the walls in your BFF’s bedroom?
• What is one thing your BFF wishes he or she had the money to buy?
• If your BFF could be married to any movie star, who would he or she choose?
• Who is your BFF’s favorite band?
• What is your BFF’s most irritating habit?
• If your BFF could visit any country, what would it be?
• Out of the two of you, who would your BFF say is a “better catch”?
• How long does it take your BFF to get ready in the morning? (Be within 5 min)


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