Lance Scarbrough of Cumberland students submitted this game: Two vs One. I like his train of thinking on this game twist. Here are the instructions straight from Lance’s keyboard. Enjoy.

Players: 3
One student who is confident, can beat anyone, anytime.
Two students to compete against the confident student.

For this game, you’ll need a few easy children’s puzzles, some Legos® and a few balloons. Every youth group has that one student who likes to volunteer for the game every week. They’re convinced that no matter what, they can beat anybody, anytime. Select that student to play today’s game. Then select another student to compete against him or her. Tell them there are three stages to this challenge and the first person to finish all three stages will be the winner. Here are the stages:

Stage One: Put together an easy children’s puzzle.
Stage Two: Build a Lego® tower over 12 inches high.
Stage Three: Blow up three balloons and then pop them by sitting on them.

It should be pretty easy to do, but in order to show that we work better as teams, let the second student you chose to play choose another person to be on his or her team. Now it is Two vs. One. Everyone will enjoy it, even the kid who swears he’ll still win by himself. The team of two should easily win and it will help illustrate that God makes us better with the help of others.


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