huckle buckle

Huckle Buckle is a game that has been around the block. If you haven’t played it before it could be a lot of fun for a large group. To start the game have everyone find a partner. Once everyone is paired up send one partner to one side of the field and the other partner to the opposing side. Partners will line up across from each other to create two “red rover” style lines. The leader will call out, “huckle buckle” followed with a body part. For example, “huckle buckle knees!” The teammates race as quickly toward each other as they can and match their knees up to each other making contact knee to knee. If the leader yells, “huckle buckle buckle” they will run toward each other, turn back to back, lock arms and sit down. The last pair to correctly match up is a non-winner. At each round you send the remaining pairs back to their opposing lines to start the new round. Here are some things you can call out; elbows, foreheads, buns, fingers, fists, feet, shoulders, you get the picture.


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