drag slap or kiss

Jai Anderson at Grandview Church submitted this volunteer game that you can use at your next event. This is the kind of game that you can recruit a leader to act as the recipient for a good laugh as the student administers the consequence. You can recruit 2-3 students then ask them to each pick their own leader to suffer the consequence. Ask the kids the questions in an elimination style with the winning leader/student combo being rewarded. Here are the instructions from Jai.

a couple dead fishes (large)
a bowl
scrap paper

This is a question and answer game where you are reward when you are right (prizes) and you chose your fate: drag, slap or kiss when you are wrong. You can make your own multiple choice questions. If the student gets the question wrong they have to draw from the bowl picking out either:

-drag: drag the dead fish across there face
-kiss: kiss the dead fish
-slap: light slap across the face (be careful who you pick)

Enjoy : ) its pretty fun!


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