This is a funny game you play once every three to four years. Go to your local pet store and buy a couple of hermit crabs. Place them in a shoebox. You’re not going to let students see inside the box during the game. You need the box to sell the idea that you have a box full of a dozen hermit crabs when you really only have two. If you want to buy a bunch it’s up to you. They’re about $5-7. ¬†Another leader can take one out put it back then grab the other one as you’re explaining the game, creating the allusion that there are many in there.

Prior to the game recruit three or four students to volunteer. In front of the group you want to explain the game and let your volunteers see the hermit crabs but not inside the box.

“We went to the pet store and got about a dozen hermit crabs. Chad’s got the box. Show the kids a few of the crabs Chad. Ahhh, they’re so cute.”

Blindfold the students. Make sure they can’t see. As you explain the “fake game” another leader is showing the group a bag of pork rinds and fortune cookies while also gesturing with the “shhhhh” gesture to keep quiet. That leader will scatter the fortune cookies and pork rinds on the ground in front of the path of blindfolded volunteers.

While this is going on the leader is explaining the fake game.

Instructions: Students this is an obstacle course. We’re laying out the hermit crabs on the ground in front of you. We simply want you to walk across to the other side of the stage without stepping on a hermit crab. You cannot shuffle your feet. (Allow them to leave their shoes on.)

As they walk across the path they will step on the pork rinds and fortune cookies. When they do you can add colorful commentary and outbursts of shock. It would be good to have girls and guys but as you can imagine, your girls will probably freak out. When they get to the other side have them take their blindfolds off and see what they actually stepped on.

Have a sign that reads, “scream with us.” To show the audience.
You may also want to take the volunteers out and bring them in one at a time.
Pick kids wearing flip flops or sandals and graze the top of their feet with a broom. Do this once per kid but let them know, one is crawling onto your foot. Watch out!



3 Responses to “CRAB CRUNCH GAME”

  1. Wes January 30, 2013 at 1:50 pm #

    This is perfect! We will be doing this during dnow!

  2. Kyle January 30, 2013 at 11:07 pm #

    This is hilarious!!!!

  3. Todd Fischer January 31, 2013 at 8:08 am #

    Agree with Wes. This is a definite for the next retreat.

    Another classic version of this type of game is to have an ice cream eating contest but replace the ice cream with frozen mayonaise. It looks surprisingly like vanilla ice cream but tastes absolutely disgusting frozen. Last time we did it we did several rounds with plain ice cream and then the championship round with mayo. The kids still talk about it years later.

    Thanks for all the amazing ideas!

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