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Students are turning social media around for the benefit of community.

High school junior, Jeremiah Anthony, took it upon himself to create a positive social media presence for his peers that would help combat cyber-bullying and purge his high school of negativity in digital mediums.

Jeremiah created a Twitter account @westhighbros and a companion Facebook profile then began to build community around the idea that he would intentionally look for opportunities to bring words of life to his peers at any and all moments where needed.

As he stepped in digitally to bring life to his friends at Iowa City West High School in Des Moines, his peers responded emphatically, following back the accounts and replicating the tone within their own communities. This video reveals the effect WestHigh Bros has had among it’s peers.

Here a few tweets from te account as well.

With over 3,000 tweets the account has become a place of sincerity and life.

What does this mean to youth leaders and youth advocacy?

Obviously the impact underscores the mission that we are all on to help students see the power of impact they can have on their friends and the world around them. As youth leaders this not only serves to illustrate this but it also serves to reinforce the reality that we have limitless potential to speak the truth to our teens, tweens, and peers.

There are opportunities everyday to say what too often goes unsaid. Taking time as a leader to model this or to project this opportunity to student leaders can reinforce the values of your group and solidify in deed what our words internally convey.

What WestHighBros has realized is that things that need to be said should be. They follow their impulses and seize the opportunity to not be content with just letting things go unspoken in social media, relationally, or verbally.

In a world where students are starving for affirmation and validity WestHighBros has helped students see the good within themselves and their peers.

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