I put together this graphic for a youth ministry event that was submitted by Ryan Lewis of Revolution Ministries. Ryan is encouraging his students to fast from digital media and wanted to share his ideas with the Stash. Here are the words straight from Ryan’s keyboard. Enjoy. Ryan is looking for ideas and suggestions to make the event better so feel free to comment.

We are throwing a 36 hour media fast. Starts at 9pm ends next day at 9pm and then we entrust the kids will practice self control and commitment to the last 12 hours to abstain from media. They will go around prior and receive donations/sponsors for their efforts to be media free and then we will donate the money to help set free victims of human trafficking.


Go around in community and collect canned goods for local food pantry
Breakout sessions on human trafficking, affects of media, etc.
Glow in the dark games
Volunteer at local homeless/family shelters
Bible Studies and Prayer
Unplugged Live Worship Band


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  1. Mike January 16, 2013 at 12:30 pm #

    camp…build something. Ron Swanson!!!

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