It’s Wednesday not Monday. My apologies. I’ve had a cramp in my leg and I also had to brush the dog. I know it’s hard to face the week without Monday Money Movies and then when you add the election it can be down right depressing. Here I am attempting to play catch up. Enjoy this stock.

Here’s a video recreation of Yo Gabba Gabba’s, Calm Down. There’s a great message here that you can use as a teaching illustration to relax your audience and move on with a talk on being alone or controlling your emotions.

Yo Gabba Gabba – Calm Down from Jason Whetzell on Vimeo.

The Origin of Dubstep

Newscaster does something interesting to make a point about domestic violence.

You can probably get some really good deals on pumpkins. COnsider this.

The Onion did several spoofs on TED talks. This one is great therapy for youth leaders.

Doggie Warning System

Tree uprooted by Hurricane Sandy

Dog is ridden with guilt.

Visine? No, I’m good. Soldier coming home surprises his kids.

High schooler returns missed field goal for a touchdown.

A great teaching illustration or leadership lesson on following blindly.

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