Every monday we post up some viral to nearly viral videos you can use in your programming for illustrations, bumpers, and filler. Enjoy.

Krispy Kreme Halloween – Just a funny Halloween video.

Three Legged – Just a video of two men taped together at the leg trying to dodge tennis balls being hurled at them.

John Wood and Paul Harrison: Three-Legged, 1997 from West Den Haag on Vimeo.

No Words – Possible Illustration on the Power of Words

I try to make it a habit of never posting videos that are over 5 minutes long but this is simply amazing.

Baseball Like A Boss

Greatest R/C Chase Ever – Use just for filler or a pre-service bumper

World’s Highest Basketball Shot

World’s Shortest Freefall

Henry Thomas the kid who tried out for the role of Elliot in E.T.

Dog gets ready for the day


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