Kyle Creel of Immanuel Lutheran Church submitted this Mixer you can play with students for a Halloween element. Here are the list of questions you can use with your students straight from the keyboard of Kyle.

I made up this game a couple of years ago, but it is essentially a Halloween version of the classic “I Have Never” game. For who have never played the game you have everyone hold up all their fingers, and for each statement that applies to them they have to put a finger down. When you run out of fingers you are out. As you are playing open up a big bag of candy corn, and give a piece to everyone that doesn’t have to put a finger down and give the person who actually wins the game a bigger prize (maybe just the rest of the bag), this way everyone gets to have a treat. Here are the questions…

Ever had your pumpkin smashed
Had to take your little sibling trick or treating
Your parents made you wear your winter coat over your costume
You own Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin
Bought a super hero costume that looked more like pajamas than the super hero itself
Ever dressed as a food item
Had your mom make your costume
Your house gives out non-name brand candy
You have been TP/egged on Halloween
You have ever bobbed for apples
Your parents still won’t let you carve a pumpkin with a real knife
You have to stay home on “door duty” instead of go out with your friends
Have worn an older siblings costume from previous year
You and a sibling dressed up as the same thing the same year
You and a friend/sibling have dressed up together as some kind of theme (i.e. – Jack and Jill, Wizard of Oz troop, Thing 1&2 from Cat in the Hat, etc. )
You have dressed as a clown
Instead of walking around your neighborhood your parents drive you to all their friends and relatives houses.
You have dressed as a Disney character
Instead of using fake blood or costume makeup you used ketchup or a red magic marker
Made up your costume the day of Halloween
Gone trick or treating as yourself
Your parents made you put on those flashing reflectors or tape so you wouldn’t get ran over
Took a roll of toilet paper and made a “mummy” costume
Your parents check your candy for razor blades
Found out you lost part of your candy stash on the way home because of hole in bag
Parents enforced a rule about how much of your candy you could have each day

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