I came across this image of a dead tree stripped of it’s leaves, cleaned up, and hung upside down. Whoever created this piece went to the trouble of affixing hundreds of chandelier style ornaments to the branches.

We’re all the time talking about spiritual growth and roots. Seeing this tree in a set design would be a stunning visual impression. I think that white lights securely hung on the branches or even a dozen or so hanging bulbs would look just as stunning.

So if you’re looking for a set design you need only to locate a fallen tree or dead tree that can be stripped of it’s remaining leaves and trimmed to shape. Free hang it securely with chains. This particular installation drove the strongest of three closed hooks and secured chains to rigging or stage rigging in your area.

Not everyone will have a room where this can be done on the same scale but a few smaller trees appropriately placed would give the same affect.

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