If you’re new to the Stash you need to know that you can download the game image and integrate it into your media to leverage visual energy around the game.

Speedball is pretty straight forward. You need two cans of tennis balls for a total of six tennis balls. Call up seven volunteers. You can have less volunteers if you like but make sure you play with one less tennis ball than the number of participants. Have your volunteers lay down on the ground in a row. Place your tennis balls on a line at a challenging distance away from the volunteers. On “go” the volunteers will rise up off the floor and race to get a tennis ball. The one without is eliminated. Continue removing a tennis ball from the lineup each round until there are two volunteers left and one tennis ball. The last volunteer to possess the last tennis ball is the winner.

You can really play this with anything like raw pieces of chicken, potatoes, small watermelons, or whatever to make it more interesting. Enjoy.


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