Here’s a game submitted by Ryan Lewis of Revolution. Straight from the keyboard of Ryan…

Supplies: 4 Blindfolds, 4 separate sets of balloons (each a different color), Room with 4 corners

Objetive: If you are a normal player you need to pop the balloons of the other teams without getting touched by any blind man. If you are a blind man you need to protect your balloons and tag people coming to pop them.

1) Split teens into 4 teams and send them to separate corners.
2) 1 blind man per team (teen with blindfold).
3) Place the balloons (about 15-30 for each team) in the 4 separate corners.
4) If you’re touched by yours or another teams blind man you are out.
5) Blind man cannot touch balloons with hands.
6) Last team to have a balloon left that is not popped wins.

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  1. Brandon February 23, 2013 at 10:01 pm #

    playing this tomorrow. it sounds hilarious.

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