Michael Burnett is a photography genius who makes his living shooting skateboarding competitions and such. His photos are everywhere. Leading youth puts you in environments where you get a chance to celebrate kids and what they do. In this series of videos Michael offers advice to skateboarding photographers. The energy translates well for just about everything. Especially camp sand events.

Warning: Instances of NSFW language. If your spirit is squeamish around word coloring then ye be warned. I hope you understand what I’m trying to do by sharing it with you. This guy has forgotten more than most of us will ever know about photography.

Composition – How you organize the elements in your photo.

1. Communicate the short story. What’s the obstacle? The point of origin and where is the photo going?
2. Clean uncluttered background. The sky is the most accessible and uncluttered background.
3. Strong geometric objects can make your subject stand out.
4. Get low or high. Get rid of dark backgrounds.

Ground – Giving your subject enough ground.

1. Make the obstacle or challenge bigger.
2. Shallow depth of field for portraiture.
3. Fill the frame. Pull the story in by getting close to the subject.
4. Fish eye for close shots.
5. Slow shutter speed and panning when you can’t help with a cluttered photo.

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