In the spirit of design and no idea is a bad idea, I submit to you the shredded paper logo wall. Converse shoes created this advertisement wall for their Chuck Taylor shoe line. I think this could be a cool piece of wall art for a branded teaching sereis, logo, or something of your own work. Your expenses would be 2 sheets of plywood or panel board with support in the back to hold together, a tub of adhesive and shredded paper or party confetti. Someone would need to trace the art from a projector onto the board. Roll on glue in sections to control drying and then apply liberally the confetti or shredded paper from a collection that an office might go through in a business week. You could buy party confetti pretty cheap as well. Free hang or wall mount the piece where needed on the set or room. It’s an idea you could execute with a little bit of work.

h/t and more ideas via whu-dat


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