I’ve been knee deep in website development for a local Austin interior designer. I chase after students through Wyldlife, Younglife for middle school students and I make ends meet thru my social media consulting business.

I’m a day late for Tuesday trends but I think it’s permitted… at least I hope you feel the same way.

I’ve been focusing on Tech but now and then I’m gonna sprinkle it with some culture. Today, let’s talk about the emerging trend of nostalgia, more specifically the 60’s.

Millennials are painfully absorbing a new economy where job certainty and prosperity are becoming harder to reach. In this depletion Millennials are becoming resourceful but also aware that this is no longer their father’s Oldsmobile. Clinging fast to nostalgia is a way to revisit a past where security and perceived stability brought strength and limitless potential.

Artists and brands are capitalizing by dressing their artistic and product offerings in this genre. Beyonce channeled Audrey Hepburn in her latest video, Countdown. Adele is a master at the look with her hot roller hair and exaggerated eyelashes. There were a few artists who also borrowed from the 60’s this year during the Grammy awards and performances. Kristen Stewart, Twilight’s Bella, stars in a movie this summer encased in the 60’s along with Men in Black returning to the era. You’ve probably also taken note of the show Mad Men as well.

What does this mean for youth?

If done well, you might could capitalize in your own media efforts and promotional offerings. If you’re a college leader this is also a more specific target opportunity. As you tap into this trend remember that it’s more about the emotion of safe and secure than the aesthetic. Brands know that the appearance strikes a chord and they are seeking to employ the look and feel to set themselves as dependable in a time of change.

This is also another reason why photo filter apps and video filter apps are on the rise. The ability to create imagery and old craft work is somehow soothing to digital natives and Millennials. Food for thought.


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