MMM is back. We we’re pretty slammed last week but here are the latest and greatest viral to nearly viral videos you can use for younglife or youth group programming. Enjoy.

Snowboarding Possum

15yr old Kyle Eschen

Wampug Strikes Back

Holy Rollers Christian BlackJack Players (Just for interest not social commentary)

Act of Valor, Parachuting into Movie Premiere

Bollywood Assassin’s Creed

Skateboard Backflip WIN

Mr. T teaches you fashion

Tennis Ball Cannon

1 year old drummer

Good Guy Dan

Garbage Man has temper.

Dad is happy about vacation, kids are not.

Hip Hop Pen Beat

Man terrified on bobsled ride.


Amazing Baseball Trick Shots

Reporter pays the price

Darth Vader with Bagpipes

Moleskin Lego Pitch

Toddler and Dog play the Blues

Twilight the Video Game

Skate Fodder

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Stop Animation

Dog’s Dream Comes true

Lego Space Shuttle Sent into Space

Hikakin Beatboxer

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