I’m going to be competing in a social gaming app on facebook. As I play it would be fun to post youth leader predictions and results. A Stash trash talk if you will. Here’s what I’m doing. As youth leaders we would be competing with each bracket against each other. I’ll post the results each round and the winning youth leader.

I’m helping out a friend who launched an online Facebook driven game app for the NCAA, March Madness Tournament. If you have some students who love to play or want to have fun with a group, leaders, friends, or rivals this is a pretty cool prediction app. Many of you lay out a bracket and have fun predicting games. This app kind of helps all students, especially the ones who know nothing about college hoops, by placing bracket by bracket challenges. You can trash talk, share your picks, invite students to play and use it as a relational tool.

Here are a few features.

Make predictions about upcoming games.
Challenge your students or leaders to head-to-head competitions.
Share your picks and invite new friends to join.
Trash talk to your friends privately or join in a group chat about your picks and challenges.
See how you stack up against your friends and all other Zobee Sports players.
Win prizes and have fun.

The game is free. If you want to get in on the fun and get an invite to play leave a comment or message me on Facebook. You can also hit me up with this form. It should be fun for you and your stuent groups.

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