I finally did it! What an arduous last three weeks. Last December I started a monthly¬†talk subscription at the Stash. Anyone who does not subscribe can still buy content but the subscription would offer regular conversations via digital swag. Writing content has been a blast as I craft conversations for youth leaders who are going after the “furthest out kid.”

This last series on Broken Families has stretched me and on top of that I was confronted with issues everywhere. Multiple times this past month random overwhelming family and friend issues were laid in our lap at the Swanzy house to chase after.

I try not to over spiritualize situations but once I finished writing the content I realized why I had so much tension in getting it out. In your hands and with your heart you’ll be able to take the content to your students opening up tremendous opportunities to help families.

I also want to say that it is with regret that the content came a week late. I am very sorry for any complications that arose for you. It won’t happen again. Thanks for the privilege of letting me be a part of your youth team.


Chad Swanzy


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