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Month: March 2012

Wrecking Ball

Posted on March 28, 2012  in Volunteer Games

Games always make for a merrier celebration whatever the occasion may be. Whether it’s a birthday or a reunion, be sure to include Wrecking Ball in your to-play games. This volunteer game isn’t just fun to play, it’s also fun to watch!

To start off, you need to prepare about 8 to 10 water bottles for each person participating. The bottles should not be opened. You also need to prepare a pantyhose and a baseball for each player. The baseball should be placed inside the pantyhose, and the pantyhose should be worn by the player, i.e. it should be worn like a hat. The water bottles should be lined up neatly in front of every player. Make sure that there are equal bottles for each player in the entire row.

Now, the player should attempt to knock down the water bottle by swinging the pantyhose and hitting it with the water bottle. Whoever knocks down all of the bottles first is declared winner.


Month: March 2012

Glow in the Dark Easter Egg Hunt

Posted on March 26, 2012  in Events

Easter egg hunting is a way of celebrating Jesus’ resurrection during Easter Sunday. This year, to make your Easter egg hunt even more enjoyable for the kids and the kids-at-heart, it’s time to put a twist into this usual activity. How about a glow in the dark Easter egg hunt?

For this activity, you will need a few items – glow in the dark stick bracelets (alternatively, LED lights), tape, and large Easter eggs. A great alternative to using glow in the dark bracelets is using LED lights, which also serve the same purpose. If you’re using the bracelets, be sure to buy plastic eggs that are larger than the ones usually used so the bracelets will fit into the eggs.

Make sure to activate the bracelets before you put it inside the eggs. To prevent the eggs from opening, secure it with the tape. And then you’re good to go!


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