I am super excited about this app. GoSoapBox is primarily positioned to educators in the classroom as an app for teachers to remove learning barriers.

“GoSoapBox enables teachers to set up ‘events’ – such as multiple-choice questions, open quizzes or opinion polls – and then provides those teachers with results from each student once they have answered using the platform. Whereas tutors would traditionally pose a question and ask a pupil to answer out loud in class, the interface is designed to provide an engaging way for students to interact with the lesson material while anonymizing the answering process to expel students’ fears of answering incorrectly. Students can also choose from a list of questions already posed by the teacher in order to rank the areas they want to go over by priority. The platform features a ‘confusion barometer’ as well, with which pupils can inform class leaders if they do not fully understand a topic. The real-time data is presented in a graphic way so that teachers can easily see how their class is faring.”

via Springwise

The implications for youth leaders and volunteers for cultivating rich content experience and discussion conversation is pretty apparent. You can try it for free and then the monthly cost is $15. That $15 seems fair given the potential amount of data and continued enrichment in use.

Watch this video to get a feel for how it can be integrated.

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  1. T.J. Woodard February 28, 2012 at 11:07 am #

    this is awesome! maybe a cheaper version will come out. $15 a month isn’t bad but not practical for a small youth group.

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