We just played this game in my son’s 4th grade Valentine’s party. It’s a minute to win it game and it was super fun to play. You need ping pong balls and to go cups. A student bounces the ping pong ball off the ground and catches it in the cup. Easy. You add another cup on top of the ping pong ball that is already in the cup from the catch. Give the student the next ping pong ball. They bounce that one and catch it in the next cup. Keep repeating. The challenge begins when the cups swivel on top of the ping pong balls in a fanning style motion. The more cups the wider the swivel. It gets really hard to keep landing one in the cup. The most I could do is six.

When I play minute to win it games I have volunteer students compete against each other awarding the one who accomplishes the most in a challenge.

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  1. Rachel Hill February 7, 2013 at 7:36 am #

    We played this last night & it was great! Very easy & fun. Thanks :)

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