I had forgotten about this game and so I wanted to revive it and create a simple graphic to use in club or group. I think this game is more fun when it’s volunteer. Buy a bag of athletic old school style socks. Recruit a few guys and girls to come forward. Make a circle with the rest of the group members in a street fight style fashion. Have the volunteers take off their shoes and previous socks and give them the new pairs of socks or just one sock per player. Tip: When you pick the girls make sure they are wearing jeans or shorts so that you don’t compromise them visually to the group. Students must attempt to pull the other players socks off. Every player for themselves. No player is allowed to hold their own sock or touch their sock. This game could get rough so maybe a round with the guys only then a round with the girls only. The last player with their tube sock still on their feet or foot is the winner.


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