Every week we post up some of the recent video content we think you can use in club or youth programming. A fe of them might be teaching illustrations, bumper material, or intro shorts. Enjoy.

Special Note: The internet is flooded with Superbowl Commercials… I’m out on this one. It’s too easy and it’s everywhere. Consequently this is the worst time for an individual to want to release new content.

Microwaves destroy everything

Dog discovers doorstop

Possible vacation home of Bruce Wayne (Warning an explicative)

Fire Flower

Street Artists innovate for a friend diagnosed with ALS

Spongebob… You have some explaining to do

Dog with a GoPro

Ball Boy Catch

Cat vs. Alligator

Girl says words backwards

8 year old rocks at guitar

Dog has acting range

Bon Jovi meets Bon Iver

Wedgie Machine Fail


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