You’ve probably seen in and around the web lately sites sharing pictures of famous people together in candid snapshots. Maybe it’s our love for nostalgia or maybe it’s just the fascination we have with wondering what all happened when these people came together. Using these images (click to enlarge and save) you can create a little bit of energy to talk about the possible exchanges and the greatest exchange of all time. This talk short could help make a point for a high school student who likes the discussion.

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Students will have an opportunity to think about their relationship with Christ or have opportunity to make what Jesus did on the cross count for them.


Culture often diminishes the significance of what it meant for the Son of God to come and do life in our shoes, where we were at, in order to absorb our sin and offer us His righteousness in exchange for our sin so that we could know God and have life to the full.


The creator of the Universe came for the sole purpose of being with you. He cares deeply about you regardless of what you think of yourself or what others think of you.


John 1:43-51 Jesus calls Nathaniel even in Nathaniel’s doubt. Jesus revealed to Nathaniel that he saw him under the fig tree pushing Nathaniel to the reality that he was in the presence of the Son of God.

Other passages: John 10:10, Luke 10:38-42 Jesus speaks to Martha


I’ve met a couple of famous people in my life. Anybody here ever meet someone famous? (Take a few responses and unpack what students say about the exchange.) I want to show you a few photos of some really cool exchanges. (Go through each image expressing as much detail as you feel appropriate.) Being a fly on the wall for these great exchanges would have been really cool. What would these guys have talked about or shared in common? What brought them together or made this photo possible?

When I think about these great exchanges I can help but think abou the reality that we interact everyday whether we realize it or not with the Creator of all of these people. And not just these famous people but even you. Take a look at this passage and be a fly on the wall with me as we talk about God’s great exchange for you.

Tom Jones & Elvis

Grace Kelly and Frank Sinatra

James Dean & ELizabeth Taylor

Muhammad Ali & The Beattles

The Original Cast of Star Wars before Star Wars is released.

Bruce Lee & Chuck Norris

Bill Gates & Steve Jobs

Mark Zuckerberg & President Obama


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