I’ve mad some changes at the Stash and I feel as though I need to write about them so that you guys can take full advantage of Youth Leader Stash as a resource. I want to start with major changes and the the basics.

In December I launched a subscription service. You will still get games, field ideas, and talk shorts you can use for free. I love sharing. The subscription service is for content that I’ve put a tremendous amount more work into. A subscriber gets a relevant four week series with full lesson notes, small group discussions, and lead graphic sent to them every other month. The off month they will get additional digital content. The first series was on under age drinking. This month (the off month) I am writing a two week series for the Valentine’s season. The next four week series is on broken families. You can see the schedule of offerings and sign up with this link or you can buy the series outright here. Subscribers pay $5 per month for this content delivery.

As I publish content to our subscribers I will also make it available in the Stash store. You can purchase series content without subscribing if that helps. Again, you’ll still get great ideas here that lead to better ideas.

You will still get fresh ideas and resources on the blog every week. Subscribe to the reader feed here.

We send out a monthly newsletter that is free through mailchimp. Subscriber here.

We have a growing community of close to 800 leaders on Facebook.

We also are on twitter. @ylstash

I also have a couple youth leader boards on Pinterest if you’re into that.

We have a network of youth leaders who have made themselves available to the community at large. You can add your name if you feel it can help people. There are a few names I need to add to catch up. See it here.

As always, we love posting ideas from the field. You can submit ideas here.

Thanks for being a part of the Stash.


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