If you’re doing atop ten list in 2012 as part of a reflection in teaching for the year in review or if you’re just curious itunes released their top ten most downloaded singles of 2011. Here is a list with youtube links for you to see yourself. Hold the ctrl or command button to open up a new window on the youtube links.
1. Adele – “Rolling in the Deep
2. LMFAO – “Party Rock Anthem (feat. Lauren Bennett & GoonRock)”
3. Katy Perry – “Firework
4. Bruno Mars – “Grenade
5. Cee-Lo Green – “Forget You
6. Pitbull – “Give Me Everything (feat. Ne-Yo, Afrojack & Nayer)”
7. Katy Perry – “E.T. (feat. Kanye West)”
8. Maroon 5 – “Moves Like Jagger (feat. Christina Aguilera)”
9. Foster the People – “Pumped Up Kicks
10. Nicki Minaj – “Super Bass

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