Every monday we post up the last week’s worth f viral to nearly viral videos from youtube, vimeo, and around the web that you can use in programming or club as bumpers, fodder, or illustrations. Enjoy. (feed readers may need to visit the site)

Brush with Death.

Cello Wars… these guys make Cellos relevant.

A scooter high chair is when someone sits on the handlebars of a scooter and coasts. This is the world record.

School Portrait (2011) Would be a great illustration for a talk on words of death and life.

It’s safe to go back into the water now.

Lego Star Wars Video Greeting Cards. (a campaign to put lego toys in the hands of U. S. Marine Corps Toys for Tots program)

Dog Disco

Shopping Prank

How to lose $2,400 in 24 seconds.

No parachute free fall. I wrote a talk with this video as an illustration here.

Blackboard War 2 (the original)

Tae Kwon Do Dance Battle

Incredible Speed Boat Frisbee Catch

Demon of the Lute (potential club theme or walk on skit)

Respect for cheerleaders via go pro camera

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