Greg Gasson does not wear a parachute when he sky dives. Instead, he holds the chute in his hands as he free falls and then deploys the chute as he holds on. Although the quality of the video is poor it gets the point across.

Students will leave with an understanding of the difference between a faith in God that is not based on favors but on the premise that God is sovereign.

We live in a world where there is a message that faith in God is easy and often results in the misconception that living for Christ is a life where no harm or trouble will come to you. Students often confuse struggle as a sense of failure or punishment.

Nothing in life takes God by surprise or gives him pause over what He is going to do in our life. He can be trusted even when we feel out of control.

Deut. 31:8, Psalm 9:9-10, Psalm 62:1-2, John 16:33

I don’t know about you but I want to be comfortable in life. I hate to struggle let alone see others struggle around me. When I made what Jesus did on the cross count for me I knew that the way I was doing life would not compare with the way that life would be with God at the center. Someone who really cared for me took the time to tell me that knowing God would not be a pain free life and that He is no Santa Claus in the sky. Truthfully, when we trust Christ and put Him in charge of our life we are turning everything over to Him. It may mean that God will put you in seasons where you will be stretched and without. God’s love is so strong that sometimes He chooses to allow us to experience uncertainty and risk so that we can learn to trust Him. In the video you are about to watch there are two things I want to tell you. First of all, never try this at home, anywhere, or ever for that matter. Second, as you watch think of this video as a metaphor for the decision we make every day to pursue Jesus even at the risk of our own comfort as we die to self.

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  1. Chris January 17, 2012 at 7:13 pm #

    Used this with my freshman guys small group – helped them see God for who he is. Not trying to get us to simply do things for him, but one who loves us and wants us to take risks as we follow Him and trust Him. Good stuff and the video connected the idea of risk taking with what we studied. Thanks!

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