This is the 62nd installment of Monday Money Movies. We post every day the previous seven days worth of newly viral to viral video content form video sites. You can use these for bumpers, teaching, illustrations, or web fodder. Enjoy.

I look and move has some great stop motion work and ideas to dream on.

Warriors of Goja… minute mark :50

Daughter chooses dark side.

Robot dubstep.

I’m sure his class is always full.

Keyring Stunt Driver

Keep Drawing

Cute pig is cute.

Dog can catch.

Skateboarding in New York Subway

Star Trek watches Star Wars.

Like a table cloth trick.

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  1. Richard November 22, 2011 at 9:56 pm #

    I had Matthew Weathers for my math class at Biola… and believe it or not, i actually did skip a few times. It was before he started making these awesome videos (the first one came out the semester after I had him). He didn’t take attendance… it was just so easy to miss!

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