Bob Hawker happened into a game by accident. With time running out he grabbed a prize and asked student volunteers to say what they would do for it. I tried to make the slide neutral so you can make it a regular installment with varied prizes. Here is his game submission. Enjoy.

You know what I haven’t had for awhile…. Big League Chew, sure its kinda weird that we train children to look like they are stuffing Tobacco in their face but hey, who doesn’t love some BLC! So I found 5 for $1.00 with every intention to just give it out as a prize. However i forgot to prepare a game. So, what began as a prize turned into an awesome game.

What would you do for Big League Chew!

I ask the questions and the students see who can out do each other to get some great (ok, horrible) gum! Its chaos and its beautiful!

Lots of fun!
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