Each week we grab some of the hottest youtube and vimeo clips from around the web that you can use in programming for possible illustrations, bumper, filler, or fanpage fodder. Yesterday being Halloween we waited until today to post last week’s best clips. Enjoy.

Guy uses ipad2 to create a hole in his body. It would be cool to see this idea for illustrating things in our heart.

Guys uses flamable gas to efficiently carve a pumpkin.

Real life pacman.

Dad vomits on roller coaster.

Wedding in the middle of sandstorm.

Round Them Up Cowgirl!

Burn: Skateboarding Video

Don’t Swim After Lunch

Punk Rockers lives are changed when parenting is in their lives. A trailer for a documentary. A good illustration on projecting our futures.

Dazzling dubstep.

Lunchroom Table Jump Fail

Pygmy goats doing pygmy goat things.

Slowboarding… longboard video.

Top Gun Halloween Costume of the Decade

I forgot about this video of Kevin Durant in a pick tweet enabled flag football game. More on my social networking blog about this here.

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