Here is another game submitted by Stash reader Nate Warren of Impact Students. The game is pretty straightforward but has a neat twist. This is a game you can play once a month till a student catches on or every meeting or club until someone figures it out. Here are Nate’s instructions. Enjoy.

Supplies: 4 Snickers (3 frozen, 1 regular) and 4 Mountain Dews

How to play: Ask for 3 volunteers. You are race them all at once, seeing who can eat the Snicker and drink the Dew the fastest. The trick is, as the leader, you always get the regular Snicker giving the volunteers the frozen ones. We did this once a month for like 3 months before any of the teens ever caught on.

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One Response to “SNICKERDEW”

  1. Shane October 27, 2011 at 8:14 am #

    perfect for middle school students. great share!

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