Here’s another reader submission and this time it’s from Nate Warren of Impact Students. Here are the instructions for the game straight from Nate.

The game is just like it sounds. You need to buy 4-8 whole trout. Then buy some eggs, some trash bags, masking tape, and some cones, add teens and you’re almost there. You’ll also want some soap, water, and a towel set up for clean up afterwards. Set cones out for a boxing ring sized playing field. Each person puts on a trash bag as a shirt and gets a partner. Last time we played with four teams and had one pair from each team in the ring at a time. One of the partners gets an egg taped to their head (you can also use a pantyhose with the egg in it, worn on the head) and the other partner gets the trout. To speed up the game you can have everyone ready to play except for the trout in the hand and the egg on the head. When the game starts the partner with the egg rides piggyback on the partner with the trout. The object is to smash the other team’s egg while protecting yours. Your team gets 10 points (or 100 or 1,000, depending on how generous you feel, remember , points are free) for each egg smashed. When one pair has its egg smashed, they are out, and the next pair on that team steps into the ring to avenge them. You can play most points after a certain time period or to a certain point total. The great thing about this game is that it is fun to play and watch.

Nate also has video on Facebook of the game being played.

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