Here’s a great game submitted by Spencer Thorpe of Community Bible Church. Spencer submitted the game and I put together the graphic. Here are the instructions striaght from Spencer. If you have a game you haven’t seen on the Stash, share it. I’ll add the graphic and spread the word.

This game is kind of a twist between several other games I have seen. It was a hit with both our Jr. High and High School groups.

Set up in a circle just like you would for musical chairs. Have the students walk around in a circle while you play music. Once the music stops everyone must find a chair as normal. (have one chair removed per round)

Now, here is where it gets fun. The “loser” must roll a die. Whatever they roll decides their fate.
1. Candy
2. Handful of stale chips (leftover from past event)
3. Baby food surprise
4. Baby food surprise
5. Can of Soda
6. Candy

Now, if they roll a three or a four, they must roll again to decide their fate of the baby food.

1. Peas
2. Blueberry Applesauce
3. Sweet Potatoes
4. Chicken Sticks
5. Chicken Sticks
6. Chicken Sticks

(They must take a spoonful (or piece) of the item and eat it in front of everyone before the game continues)

After they roll, they are eliminated from the game. Play until one person is left. You decide the prize…or my personal favorite, a “Spencer High Five”.

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  1. T.J. Woodard October 25, 2011 at 11:57 am #

    love the lil’ grim reapers!

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