Each week we post a few videos we have seen in the last seven days that we think you can use for teaching illustrations, web fodder, bumpers, countdowns, or laughs. Take a break, enjoy, and use.

Here’s a simple illustration you can use as a smart and sarcastic way to talk to students about social networking fantasy versus real world reality. Cookie monster and praire explain a computer.

Every once in a while you may be talking to your high school students about wise choices. Here’s one about driving too fast and being stupid.

Here’s a video that will show you the power of music and good angles next time you make a video. I present carpenter as action movie.

A really cool video combining hipsters, scripture, and hillsong.

Japanese Monkey Feeding Frenzy

This human slingshot is in Hobble Creek Canyon.

Something cool to do before club starts.

Sweet skateboard flip trick.

Five minutes of the ocean’s power.

A son records his mom’s voicemails about her problems getting facebook to work.

People are Awesome 2011

Packing tape prank.

Runner falls… gets back up and wins race.

I’m just showing you this for the value of an idea with a creative video announcement.

A dad, two kids, 2,000 feet of hot wheels track, and a cause.

The guy from the Police Academy movies carries his legacy on.

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  1. Jerry White October 24, 2011 at 8:36 pm #

    Major thanks for these this week! So what I needed!

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