I think we’ve all played an impromptu game of this but Bob Hawker has put down some ways to play and some sweet ideas. Here is what Bob submitted…

Spatula in small room, small bat in larger room/gym

You set up the bases like you would for any baseball/kickball: First, Second, Third, Home, and a Pitchers Spot. The game is simple, split the group into two teams, have them come up with a creative name (the most creative name gets an automatic point!). One team is up to bat, the other is, “in the field”. I am usually the All-Time Pitcher and this seems to be the most fair way to play. As the title would hint you use marshmallows as the baseballs (the new Jumbo Marshmallows are awesome for those playing with a small bat.)

We do not play balls or strikes but every student gets one fair pitch, If they wiff and are new to the game i usually show some mercy with a second fair pitch, (fair meaning its in range for them to hit.) There are no outs but everyone gets up to bat.

If they hit the marshmallow they run to first unless they are tagged out with the Marshmallow, pegged by someone throwing the Mallow at them, or the marshmallow is caught.

Once on first they have the option to, “Challenge” Someone. A member of the opposite team stands on the pitchers mound and attempts to peg the runner as they try to advance to second. Once on second (and heres where it gets weird) they can eat the marshmallow and advance to home and score for their team. I usually will do something gross with it right before giving it to them to eat like pick it up with my foot or put it under my arm, but most times the marshmallow is so gross theres no need.

Things i have added over the years:
give a superhero outfit for one person on each team to wear and they get to bat twice.
If anyone catches a hit Mallow in the air with their mouth the inning is over.

Its Cheap, Its Fun, Its Marshmallow Baseball!

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  2. Mary April 21, 2015 at 9:53 am #

    We use the long pretzel rods for bats! This is my kids favorite game!

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