If you’re doing a series on fear this month a great flickr page is out there filled with candid photos of people walking through a thrill house. Just a few of these images in a slideshow would make for great laughs, an engaged audience, and a nice segway into some thoughts on fear.

TALK PURPOSE – In this talk students will come to understand how fear of the unknown or fear form insecurity can keep them from taking their next step and what God’s plans our for overcoming fear.

PROBLEM – In life I can overcome fear of snakes, spiders, and other phobias by avoiding them but the things that haunt us the most like our past, worries, and doubts are a little harder to avoid. Sooner or later they catch up to us.

POINT – God is not Santa Claus. He does not keep a list and withhold because you were good or bad. Some of the things that cause us the most pain are the affect of the fact there is wrong in this world. God’s fight against fear, wrong, and pain is thru the life of his son. Making what Jesus did on the cross count for you will not give you a magic rabbit’s foot against old hurt and new hurt. Instead, Christ is a clean slate for our own wrong and an eternal hope of a life with him through our experiences.

PASSAGE – 2 Timothy 1:7, Hebrews 13:6, Psalm 23:4, Matthew 11:28-30

TRANSITION TO ILLUSTRATION – Few of us want to experience being deathly afraid but for millions of people every year there are those who want to take it head on! Check out some images taken from a fright house. (Narrate each or loop.) The good news for all of these people is that the fear was fake and they got to walk away from it. In life there are things way more complicated for us with fear and I want to talk about the kind of fear that is the hardest to walk away from.


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