Each week we post up fresh videos that have become nearly to already viral that you can use as talk illustrations, bumpers, filler, or web stuff. Enjoy and use for the needs that suit you.

Bollywood cigarette lighting.

Jone Samuelson header is a goal from midfield.

Talented puppeteer controlling a little kid’s heart and puppy.

Karate nuns turn to the OT and Karate.


Kid reacts to the news that Vader is Luke’s father… reliving my past.

This dog is taking his talents to south beach.

If you don’t know what’s going to happen to this mouse you’re on pins and needles.

4 miilion views in five days… you’ve seen this I’m sure.

Vintage Hip Hop & Skate

Fox Retro

Mister Rogers from 1967 to 2000

KRUMP 360 Project

World’s Fastest Couch

Cruising alongside of a tomahawk missle.

Brilliant small group promo video and young Matt Damon look alike.

Peter Holmes will help with a talk on technology or authentic connection lesson.


Slow Mo Shoe reveal.

When you watch this video skip ahead to the first minute watch for one second and skip to the next minute mark… repeat to see what happens to this guy.

Water Balloon to the Face does not pop.

Rambo street art tribute.

30 ways to kill a cowboy.

Kenn Ballard spotted this extreme sports compilation video.

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