Scott Johnson submitted a game last week for all of you Stash readers to use. The game is called mother buckets. Here is how you play straight from the email Scott typed.

Mothers and Buckets!
(Adapted from Jimmy Fallon’s Models and Buckets)

Think Deal or No Deal… Ten Mom’s, each equipped with a bucket of goodness (Fanta, Pancake Batter, BBQ Sauce, Confetti, Syrup, etc., and $50), each with a number on the bucket, come walking in the room at the beginning of the game, showing off their fantastic bucket.

Two brave contestants are then picked (might be good to prepare two brave students ahead of time so they can wear appropriate clothes), given goggles, and are taken to their appropriate seat (a stool set in a baby pool with plastic tarp underneath it).

One by one they call a bucket- and the mom walks behind the student and pours the contents of the bucket onto the student’s head. You continue this game until the $50 has been poured on a student’s head, thereby making them the winner.

This game was an absolute riot, our students loved it, and our mothers were nothing short of spectacular!

// moms
// 10 buckets
// 9 random messy items (a few of which need to be light, so it doesn’t give away the one with the money in it) We used Fanta, BBQ Sauce, Pancake Batter, Maple Syrup, Melted Ice Cream, Chocolate Syrup, Fruit Salad, Flour, Confetti.
// 2 Kiddy pools and 2 chairs that can get messy.
// Plastic Wrap Plastic Wrap Plastic Wrap- It is a good idea to get all the wrap laid out and leading from the activity to the closest exterior door… then take them straight to a water hose and spray them down!

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