Time again for some sweet Monday Money Movies. There are some real sweet clips in this edition. A few of them have gone viral so quickly that you’ve more than likely seen them since our last Monday Money Movie post. You can use these clips for bumpers, countdowns, eye candy in programming, or park them on a fanpage for extra social juice. Enjoy.

Braun Battle of the Year

2D Images in 3D Mapping

Dog balancing treats… Jenga.

Can I serve you?

Selyna Bogino 5 ball juggle

Same girl more juggling.

Ultimate Drag Race or World’s Greatest

Weatabix Cereal Teddy Bear Dubstep

Zero Gravity

Awesome Burnout

Madison’s Halloween Sunflower Costume Tutorial

Countdown Animation

8 year old lands 720

Crazy Dave Plants vs Zombies Rap Wabby Wabbo

Rosh Hashanah Rock Anthem

Jedi Kittens

Words of Death courtesy of Mom

Anime tribute with Backstreet Boys video

Tokyo Slo-Mode

Scott Avett of the Avett brothers fends off his daughter.

Time Lapse of Space Station view at night.

This Charlie Chaplin piece is considered the greatest speech of all time. Context and movie it was in.

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