Look at this piece of art. Control radioactive is a festival installation from Luzinterruptus. I love how cool and cosmic it looks against the darkness. You can view all the pictures at the link but this is pretty easy to pull off. You could use this as eye candy for a number of things; activity, set design, or info booth sign-up. From what I can see the suit was draped over a wood post anchored to a base. A small fan is affixed to run air through the suit to give it lift. I can imagine though that heavy gauge wire can be sculpted to fill the suit. Christmas lights or low-heat producing lights were run through the suit up the post to give it glow. You can buy a haz mat suit on Amazon for around $10. Link to suit…

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  1. Jan Horak August 30, 2011 at 1:14 pm #

    This looks cool!

    I think there are plastic bags and vinyl gloves taped to the suit. It may have a fan but it would work with inflated and tied off bags (zip lock or those cheap white grocery bags).

    They sell those coveralls at most hardware stores as well. And they should be cheaper than $10 most places.

    Thanks for the good ideas! I love them!

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